10+ Best Knowledge Base, Wiki, FAQ & Support Ticket WordPress Themes and Plugins – 2017


Businesses and organizations usually set up a knowledge base, wiki, or FAQ site to keep their target audience informed about their product, company or industry. This type of website allows website owners to make commonly asked questions accessible. Nonetheless, knowledge base, wiki, or FAQ type of website often have distinct needs compared to other kinds of website considering that it provides a unique function for website visitors. If you want to build a useful knowledge base, wiki, or FAQ site for your business or just want to design a website that allows users to ask and answer questions, then you have to mull over on this collection of knowledge base, wiki, and FAQ WordPress themes. These themes certainly offer lots of amazing features for creating knowledge base, wiki, and FAQ websites.




InstaAnswer is an astounding FAQ application theme for WordPress websites. It contains many niche-specific features, and a simplistic design that makes it easier for clients to find the right answer. This theme will spare you from having to constantly respond to the same questions. This leaves you with more time that can be spent doing business.  InstaAnswer will maximize your customer retention rate, thus increasing your profit margin. It can make your clients more self-reliant, and they will be more willing to purchase your products in the future.

For site owners, InstaAnswer can save both time and money. It completely eliminates the need to hire a professional support team. The modern Ajax search function is incredible. It will suggest answers as the user is typing, and the search process is lightning-fast. You are also able to receive feedback on your articles, a system which highlights the most helpful posts. InstaAnswer is a theme that can go global. It can be fully translated into any language, making it easier to appeal to different demographics. It is possible to personalize the colors and logos of your site, via the WordPress Customizer. For more information regarding InstaAnswer, be sure to access the theme demo.

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Knowledge Base – A WordPress Wiki Theme

knowledge base amazing tech suppport theme

This wiki type knowledge base WordPress theme is an excellent solution for providing support to your customers. Knowledge Base Wiki type theme allows you to add your own support forums because it is powered by bbPress forums plugin. Moreover, this theme is built with Bootstrap frontend framework and fits impeccably on big screens as well as on small screen of different mobile devices. It has a fantastic AJAX based live search that helps you attend to your consumer’s inquiries. This theme has a tidy code and built with SEO in mind. Indeed, this theme is designed to create an advanced knowledge base website for your target consumers. This is also the most popular knowledge base style theme and is used by hundreds of websites.

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Uncode is a wonderfully reliable and extremely polished, professional and competent, intuitive and highly responsive WordPress creative multiuse website theme. Uncode has been developed as a solution to a myriad different website design and construction usage cases and needs profiles, covering a broad set of industries and applications, with a penchant for tasks and deployments that require a decisively creative implementation and significative visual freedom without compromising the functionality and resourcefulness of the overall end user experience. That makes Uncode a fantastic solution for knowledge base website webmasters and developers that need a sleek and highly customizable theme to make their own for their knowledge base website projects.

Thoroughly compatible out of the box with all the major knowledge base management plugins in the market, Uncode comes attractively predesigned with dozens of impressive demo websites and many more template pages for specific and generalized purposes, quickly adaptable to your branding and graphical requirements vía the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Isotope Grid plugins, among several others. With WooCommerce integration from the get go, marketing your knowledge base related services and packages is now easier than ever before. Uncode takes the website building experience and streamlines it to downright pleasure! Try Uncode today!

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DeskPress is a WordPress theme that aims to provide easy access to quality support solutions. It is flexible and well designed, benefiting both customers and site administrators. It boasts plenty of engaging features, facilitating the creation of an amazing web page. Navigation is made easy by the smart search function. It can be used as bbPress forums, blogs, and FAQ’s. With DeskPress, you won’t have to sift through countless threads, as you can instantly locate your topic of interest. This theme allows customers to write private replies, and incorporate attachments. Forum topics can have a designated Best Answer, aiding users that are searching for an optimal solution.

There is a vast and informative Knowledge Base. It has a useful rating system, and there is a social sharing function. Site moderators can be chosen in order to organize the forums. Each moderator can regulate a specific forum, as he/she will receive email notifications on a regular basis. In addition, customers can gain access to exclusive private forums, in exchange for a small fee. You can create new topics in a matter of moments, each with its own status. Users can receive feedback and suggestions, thanks to the Live Suggestion feature. The theme’s layout is fully responsive, and it works on high resolution displays.

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If your goal is to construct a top-quality support or wiki page, Manual is an ideal choice. It has incorporated a large number of niche-specific features, each promising to enhance the quality of your page. Wiki or support pages are effective, when they can reach a large audience. Manual can be translated into multiple languages, due to the inclusion of .mo and .po files. Informative and interesting forums can be constructed, as this product is BBPress-compatible. There are different header layout versions, and also two layouts for your page footer. The site owner may grant visitors the ability to rate posts or articles, with a like or dislike. Of course, readers can easily share your content on social media networks.

Unlike other multipurpose themes, Manual focuses on one job. This high degree of specialization assures users that their sites will live up to the highest of standards. In addition, a good wiki page can actually reduce the workload of your customer support team. Clients will find it easier to navigate issues if they have access to a source of valid information, thus reducing the number of support tickets. The layout of this template is completely responsive, capable of showcasing content on desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

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InfoCenter is a WordPress theme of a knowledge base solution center inclination. It bases its design in providing the tools required for all curious or professionals. It brings together all the support tactics usually found on other themes into one big space to ponder. InfoCenter uses FAQ sections, forums, and login accounts. You will also find an integrated community that can help each other along the way. Get chats, rankings to vote for best answers and Help Desk. InfoCenter is modern, sober and technological in concept. It provides more than 10 customized widgets including top authors, popular questions and sign up.

You will get a very strong panel with lots of useful documentation to get started. SEO optimization, JQuery enhancement and a valid code based on SEO are also found. InfoCenter uses community valorization techniques such as minimum points to participate. It comes with pre-built layouts and a compatible child theme. You will also get a page ready for translation and adaptable to all devices screens. This is a versatile, simple, and quick to set up theme meant for help and integration. Whichever doubts you may have, use their support system! Get people the help they need with InfoCenter!

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kBase is a WordPress theme specialized in helpdesk and support for everyone. It comes with 7 homepages and demos of one-click install. It is the perfect tool for businesses that struggle to help their clients with tech issues. kBase is responsive and customized with many pre-built short codes. You will get a great page builder like Visual Composer and will not need to program at all! kBase provides blogs and portfolio layouts with customizable skin colors too. Boxed and fullwidth modes are both featured. kBase is modern, clean customizable on footers and banners. You will get compatibility for WPML to translate texts and WooCommerce for selling. Use bbPress and BuddyPress integration to create forums and discussion pages.

kBase uses awesome AJAX for search and includes animation features. As expected, their own support service for you to build the page, is amazing. It uses how-to videos and tutorials for all elements. kBase pretends to surpass everyone in custom support service with relatable platforms. It is adaptable to all screens and browsers on the market! This widget ready theme has come to shake everybody’s perspective on what support means. Are you going to miss it? Get kBase now!


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Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

heroic - Knowledge Base plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base WordPress plugin is a powerful plugin for knowledge base website. This plugin works with most premium and free WordPress themes and it’s a great options if you don’t want to install a separate WordPress installation just for knowledge base. It comes with a demo content that makes the installation process really smooth and fast. Content organization is very easy with its drag & drop category ordering. It comes with a smart admin panel that lets you easily configure and change the options with just few clicks. It comes with an article feedback system that enable site visitors rate your articles so you can also gauge the impact and efficiency of your content in assisting your customers and finding out which articles needs revisions or improvement.

This plugin allows you to give your readers or customers instant answers with the built-in AJAX live search feature bundled in this plugin. With Heroic Knowledge base plugin, you can provide visitors with downloadable files in your articles. This plugin includes three highly configurable widgets for displaying knowledge base articles, categories and authors. This plugin is created using the latest coding standards, written with theme compatibility and flexibility in mind. This tool also allows you help your customers support themselves by giving them resources to help theme quickly and accurately solve their issues. Heroic plugin is great for those looking to make a knowledge base alongside their existing website without need to switch to a new theme. More detailed review for Heroic knowledge base plugin is available here.

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Knowledge Base Themes


flatbase simple knowledge base theme

Flatbase is a well-made and the ultimate solution in creating your own support platform. Thanks to its support for bbPress integration, this is a great WordPress theme to offer exclusive support and an interactive platform for your customers. Its tidy and detail-oriented design provides a wonderful structure to present support articles, informing and teaching users how to master your product. You can also set up an FAQ page in your site to provide information on commonly asked questions about your company or product. It has a built-in Ajax based live search feature, which allows you to give prompt response to your customer’s queries. You can also create a unique website design for your website because this theme is customizable. In addition, Flatbase looks great on any device because it fully responsive, not to mention that it is also retina ready.  This theme is a fine blend of Knowledge Base, FAQs, Forums and a lot more nice functionalities. With Flatbase WordPress theme, you can now build a support site right away.

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Live Support


Live Support is a well-designed WordPress theme for knowledge/support base, help desk, and live chat websites. Every single feature is aimed towards helping customers with their problems. Live Support is easy to personalize and manage, and it provides a clean and intuitive interface.  However, despite its niche appeal, this theme can be used for more than just knowledge based sites. It can improve regular portfolio or blog pages.

BuddyPress support was incorporated. In addition, users can translate their entire page thanks to the WPML plugin. This allows you to expand your follower base, and reach out to other communities.  Live Support has 4 distinct variations for your home page, each offering something different and special.

This theme’s layout will be completely responsive. Every page element can be resized and adapted in order to fit the screens of hand-held devices.  This assures that your content is compatible with all devices, browsers, and operating systems.  It should also be mentioned that mobile compatibility can be turned off at will.  The theme code is very well-written and clean, guaranteeing a superior browsing experience for your followers. For more information regarding Live Support and its features, be sure to check out its live preview.

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KnowAll is a cleverly designed and wholly smart and sleek, fast loading and quite nimble and flexible knowledge base theme. It is also modern and clean, fresh faced and crisp, highly intuitive and user friendly, engaging and enticing, highly readable and visually polished and professional yet warm and accessible, readily responsive WordPress knowledge base website theme. KnowAll is a competent and capable knowledge base website theme that has been packed with all the right elements in order to empower you to effortlessly and quickly set up complex yet intuitively structured knowledge base websites for absolutely any purpose. Disseminating knowledge to a massive, online based audience has never been easier or faster than now, thanks to KnowAll. With advanced, cutting edge capabilities, including engaging features such as Instant Answers, which pop down to answer your users’ queries directly from the search box as they type, as well as predesigned, fully functional content templates like Article Ordering and Category Ordering options to customize the presentation of your articles, a ton of handy widgets and superbly convenient shortcodes, and the broadest and most insightful, powerful set of analytical tools, charts, features and raw data required to run a successful operation in a meaningful way, KnowAll is the future. Live it today!

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knowhow fresh knowledge base template

KnowHow is a well-liked WordPress theme for building a knowledge base or wiki-like website because of its responsiveness and other cool features. KnowHow helps you create an interactive Knowledge Base site with ease. It has all the elements that you will need in providing an online support resource for your users. This theme includes an AJAX-powered live search form to help you provide real-time response to your consumer’s inquiries. It also offers an exceptional support for FAQ pages. This theme includes a built-in color picker, useful shortcodes and other functional features suitable for a WordPress knowledge base/wiki theme. KnowHow is the perfect choice for a professional looking theme for your knowledge base website.

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Knowledge Base (KnowledgePress) | Wiki | FAQ WordPress Theme

knowledge base wiki wordpress theme

Knowledge Base is brilliant choice for building Wiki type and informational websites. It has clean design and feature-rich theme that facilitates easy customization. Its excellent features help you create an informational website specifically designed for your target consumers without dealing with technical difficulties. It is fully responsive and integrated with Twitter Bootstrap (read more about this framework), HTML5 & CSS3 technologies. Supplementary features include AJAX based live search, ability to attach support forums using bbPress plugin, FAQs template with live search box post type support, etc. This theme emanates a stronger character and style than the KnowHow theme, which makes it very ideal for showcasing the playful and ingenious side of your company.

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base stunning knowledge base wordpress theme

Base is an all-around WordPress theme. It includes a lot of features that is best suitable for selling products, providing a FAQ page and offering how-to articles. This theme is user-friendly and incorporates easy to customize options panel. With this flexible WordPress theme, you can easily make alterations to the elements of the theme without dealing with complicated codes. It is made to perfectly fit on any kind of devices. In addition, it is built with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies featuring an uncluttered and elegant design. Base WordPress theme also makes it easy for you to attach blog content section to your knowledge base website. This theme is also search engine optimized to ensure that you get good rankings on search engines like Google.

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iknowledge - wiki wordpress theme

iKnowledge possess a stunning design that will surely capture the attention of your target website visitors. Its clean and minimalist design allows visitors to concentrate to your content. Though its default design is appealing, the creators of this website give you an option to tweak and modify it according to your own taste. It also includes and post view counter to help you out in monitoring article performance. This theme allows you to organize the elements in the homepage from WordPress widget area. iKnowledge is a great choice for developing knowledge based WordPress theme for people who want to help their customers in their search process and keep a vigorous and effective interaction with them. Apparently, iKnowledge offers something different compared to other WordPress knowledge base themes and provides loads of useful features. If you intend to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition, then this is the perfect WordPress theme for you.

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guru knowledge base theme

For those who wish to establish a knowledge base system on the popular WordPress platform, Helper is an ideal choice. It offers a streamlined, user friendly interface. Thanks to the implementation of the powerful Visual Composer, this theme is indispensable to any web page. It features personalized post types that are capable of handling all partner sections and knowledge base posts. The options panel has an enormous amount of options available. Customers are able to introduce their own personalized logos, disable/enable specific features, upload favicons, alter the typography, and even change the element’s colors.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, a nifty demo was made available. Your content will look great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Both users and site administrators can browse while they are on the move. This results in an unprecedented degree of flexibility. The theme includes 2 extra templates for your pages: archives and full width. In addition, you will gain access to 9 personalized widgets, including: Warrior Latest Posts, Warrior Author List, Warrior Advanced Search, Warrior Sticky Posts, Warrior Video, Warrior Twitter, Warrior Ad Home, and Warrior Tabs. Helper has incorporated some short codes, allowing customers to create basic site elements.

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ticketrama helpdesk for WordPress

Ticketrama is a stunning WordPress theme with a completely serviceable ticketing system. This is the very first ticketing template offered at theme forest with knowledge base site structure. This theme is made for people who are discontented with the conventional knowledge base sites. It comes with a great system to support their items and easy to manage. Apart from the usual features in most knowledge base WordPress theme, it includes a profile section, blog, ticketing system and option to use Envato purchase verification. Developers made certain that it will look perfect on any devices and social media friendly to help you stay connected with your users. This theme will absolutely provide you a powerful system for providing support to your business.

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techdesk new tech support theme

TechDesk provides the most organized Help desk, FAQ, Knowledge Base WordPress theme. It has a clean and clever layout design along with many features and options such as live search, widgetized area, FAQ post format, shortcodes and many more. TechDesk makes it possible for you to set up your own Helpdesk/FAQ/Knowledge Base of information website without technical expertise required. This impressive theme is powered by the SMOF Options Panel, which offers a good deal of options to manage and modify any portions of the theme. It is user-friendly and SEO ready. TechDesk is the suitable WordPress theme for people who want to build a professional looking help desk portal that also features FAQs and knowledge base facilities to render powerful business support.

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